Saturday March 24

Show starts at 7:30pm
Music starts at 8pm

An evening of Texan experimental music

•Dane Rousay+Chase Gardner+Kevin Butler
(San Antonio/Denton/Oak Cliff)
•More Eaze+Michelle
•Adriana Valls
*Daniel Ryan will be djing before and between sets.

$10 suggested donation, no one turn away from lack of funds.

Rousay is a drummer and percussionist living in San Antonio, Texas. They perform improvised solo work on acoustic drum-kit exploring emotional overlaps of rhythm, speed, and texture. Touring as a solo artist as well as an improvising collaborator takes up most of Rousay’s time (performing over 220 dates in 2017 alone).
They have been active in an established collaborative duo with vocalist, Svetlana Zwetkof, since 2016. Rousay has also performed with Tom Carter, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Marcus Maurice Rubio, Aurora Nealand, Parham Daghighi, Rob Cambre, Alex Cunningham, and Garrett Wingfield among many others.

Gardner is an artist with a focus on exploring the abstract elements of art in order to express his personality and ideas, introduce other perceptions, and create a representation of that which is intangible in existence. As a musician, he is a multi-instrumentalist involved in a variety of different projects such as his experimental music duo with Adriana Valls, Cut Shutters, and is also an active collaborator with many other musicians in North Texas through performing in improvised music ensembles. Recently he has released several albums, toured America, collaborated with artists from other countries, and has exhibited a visual art series for pieces created in Microsoft Paint.

Kevin was born and raised in Houston, Texas, multi-instrumentalist Kevin Butler is currently located in the Dallas area. Kevin has held tuba positions in the Eastern, Round Top, and Aspen Festival Orchestras, and shared the stage with a number of artists including Rufus Reid, Mike Block, Shelley Carrol, Jamal Mohamed, The Dallas Symphony Brass Quintet, and Chicago. Currently, Kevin actively plays with such wide-ranging groups as Jamil Byrom and the Grown Folks, The Free Loaders, Terence Bradford and Congo Square, The End of the World Parade, the Big Ass Brass Band, and is a founding member of the Dallas-based world-fusion quintet The Obscure Dignitaries.

Michelle is an active creator of experimental and noise music for a decade, Mitchell didn’t start performing actively until 2013. Since then, he has performed mostly in Texas, but at various festivals elsewhere also. The interest in harsh noise and improvisation is key, with a desire for innovation and authenticity through sound, incorporating heavy electronics with a sense of raw intensity. As of recently, he has started actively performing with other musicians of the same ilk, as well as multi-media performances with an interpretative dancer, Ali Honchell. His solo projects include (A)sex, Michelle, and The Ebony Tower.

More Eaze is the project of composer/multi- instrumentalist Marcus Maurice. Attempts to challenge what sound/genre “is.” The project often manifests itself through collage works, pop songs, and glitch composition. Releases on Orange Milk, Plastic Response Records, Personal Archives, Astral Spirits, Phinery, and Already Dead Tapes amongst others.

Sound and intermedia artist based in Texas. Their work explores environment manipulation/augmentation and how they effect/affect personal realities among participants. Adriana is a part of the DIY creative scene in DFW; she as created installations, sound environments, and DJ’d for multimedia art events like SANA, Cruxis Conference Party, and the Espinas Collective debut show. They have also recorded three releases, and
toured with their project “Cut Shutters,” and are loosely involved with the improv music scene in Denton/Dallas