Wednesday March 14, 2018
Show starts at 6:30pm
Music starts at 7:00pm *early show

Karima Walker (AZ)
Instagram @karimawalker

Karima Walker began releasing simple pastorals around a half decade ago, but quickly her songs morphed into something stranger. Inspired by her discovery of boundary-pushing composers like Éliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros, she’s taken to fusing her structured folk songs with abstract sound art. It’s something others have attempted before—think Will Oldham’s recent collaboration with the drone duo Bitchin Bajas or some of Charalambides’ warped spirituals—but this Arizona-based songwriter’s fusion feels particularly alien. Unearthly drones collide with slowly scrawled acoustics. Electronics overwhelm spectral hymns. Looped vocals and slivered field recordings lend an unsettled feeling to her work, which sounds born both of earth and stratosphere, here and hereafter. – Pitchfork

K (DFW) opening the evening at 7pm

K is the audible world of Kaila Rose Parrish, a multimedia artist living and working in Dallas, Texas. She studied classical guitar from age ten, nurturing a love for music composition, then found her voice and moved into creating and layering her own sounds. She just released her newest album, Window, in late 2017. Her work in other mediums can be found