"Top Ten Records has always been a record store for the local community."

- Dave Chaos, GM KNON


When did Top Ten Records first open on Jefferson Blvd?

Is Mike Polk still involved in Top Ten?
Yes! Mike serves on the board of directors and advises the current operations.

What’s the significance of the telephone?
According to former Top Ten employees, on 22 November 1963, Officer J.D. Tippit came into the store and placed a phone call to an unknown number;  no one answered and he left after he hung up. Officer Tippit was killed shortly thereafter, allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald, at the corner of Tenth and Patton streets.

Do I need to be a member of Top Ten to borrow circulating materials?

How many in-store items can a member check out at one time?

Can I still come in and just buy a soda, some sunglasses and a CD or a Record?