August 2, 2018


Top Ten Records August Summer Concert I

•Spring Breed (Nevada)
•The GCDs

Music starts 8pm sharp.
$10 suggested donation, no one turned away from lack of funds.

Synth-punk IN ESPAÑOL.
Formed in Dallas in 2014. Seres aspire to be astronauts of inner-space. They see the experience of being human through science-fiction.
Música synth-punk en Español.
Formado en Dallas en el 2014. Seres aspiran a ser astronautas del espacio interior. Ven la experiencia del ser humano por un lente de ciencia-ficción.

Four piece Noise Funk group full of wonky rhythms gyrating frantically and seemingly on the brink of falling apart at all times. They fuse the undulating bass grooves of Wes Alvarez and the funk driven high energy drums of Tyler Gutleben to create a somewhat stable ground. With this stable ground, above is a game of tug of war with the shrill discordant guitar of Luke Bernier, the frantically dancing saxophone of Caress Silverii, and the in your face vocals, of again Tyler Gutleben, on top.
With obvious influence stemming from the late 70s no wave staples and the late 90s/early 2000s noise rock boom, Spring Breeding makes an attempt at mixing these abrasive sounds and rhythms with an apparent interest in making something danceable to make you sweat. Hence the self proclaimed term, Noise Funk.
With every member of the band just barely being over the age of 20, there is a young energy and a don’t take yourself so seriously attitude around everything they produce, they have no apparent message or point. It’s a two faced cacophony, a splurge of revolt against the standard practice of intentional alienation found in noise music as an attempt to incorporate the well needed fun of funk and dance to the undying appeal of abrasive discordance.

From the core of Denton’s contemporary avant rock scene, have operated under various genre disguises and lineups, all led by Reece McLean. A no-wave band, rock instrumentation augmented with tapes, drum machines, synths. Deconstructed song forms, coagulating synergy between band members, learned internal logic to structure. Heavy sideways drumming with awkwardly punctuating bass lines. Confused, plucky/noisy guitar and curious, celebrating toy keyboards and drum machines intermingle with screeching tape manipulation and party sax.