Thursday March 8

Show starts at 7:30p
Two trios and a duo evening!

(Los Angeles/Denton)
Pronounced puh-tiks, is an ensemble composed of three musicians who draw their sounds equally from the world of jazz, chamber music, and avant-garde improvised music. Caleb Veazey (Los Angeles) plays guitar and pedals, Anna Jalkéus (Denton) plays harp and sings, and Garrett Wingfield (Los Angeles) plays saxophones, clarinets, and objects, adding up to a seemingly disparate ensemble that can at times have a surprisingly integral and unified sound. Each member has a history of formal jazz training, but in this setting their interlocking and fluid lines and motives often give way to expressionist outbursts or ambient crawls.

(Oak Cliff/Denton)
Gregg Prickett
Texas native, cut his teeth and various other extremities playing with various jazz , rock, country and improv groups in artistic and professional capacities studying the oxymoronic nature of this classic dilemma regarding performance. He enjoys wearing multiple musical hats and on special occasions looks quite human in them . Trio Du Sang is his most recent campaign to lash one more breath from the Byzantine Dream that is Live Performance.
He used to be half of They Say The Wind Made Them Crazy, a third of Unconscious Collective and was part of the final Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Decoding Society.

Bobby Fajardo
Performing since age 9, Bobby is serious about his craft, earning a Bachelor’s in Music from Baylor University and a Master’s in Music Performance from University of Miami. As a cross cultural musician, his interest led to visits to Austria, Morocco and Istanbul to study drumming. He’s played every style of music in every venue imaginable, from local heavy metal acts, Dallas Flamenco Festival, performing with Kenny Loggins to recording for the likes of Pharrell Williams. Bobby has also performed with many orchestras, including the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the Waco Symphony Orchestra, the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and the Texas Music Festival Orchestra. Between gigs at the Ochre House Theatre and performing with Gregg and Andrew, he makes time for his wife and cats.

Andrew May
For nearly half a century Andrew has been playing violin (sometimes guitar and mandolin too), improvising, writing music for both carbon and silicon based performers, and howling at the moon on a regular basis. 13 full moons in your average year, you do the math – life is sweet!

Ryan is a composer, improviser, and transmedia artist living in Denton, Texas. Daniel is interested in exploring the composer/improviser’s role in the intersection of environmental sound and open-ended interaction. Daniel has performed with Jake Thiede, Louise Fristensky, Adriana Valls, Chase Gardner, and Sam Friedland.

Gardner is an artist with a focus on exploring the abstract elements of art in order to express his personality and ideas, introduce other perceptions, and create a representation of that which is intangible in existence. As a musician, he is a multi-instrumentalist involved in a variety of different projects such as his experimental music duo with Adriana Valls, Cut Shutters, and is also an active collaborator with many other musicians in North Texas through performing in improvised music ensembles. Recently he has released several albums, toured America, collaborated with artists from other countries, and has exhibited a visual art series for pieces created in Microsoft Paint.